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What Makes Relationships Last Long

Written By: Sumeet Manohare @accidental_blogger

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We all have lived through failed relationships. And those relationships have impacted our lives in ways which we could never imagine. We often look at the couple who seem to be the happiest and wonder why our relationship couldn’t last ?

Here are 5 factors which makes relationships last long:

1. Compatibility - Compatibility is when two people together understand each other. Yes, people in relationships can be of different personalities and still be happiest. Why? Because they choose to understand each other. They willingly accept each other's flaws and imperfections. They don't mind being real and vulnerable.

2. Healthy Boundaries - Ever thought of setting boundaries in your relationship? Many don't do it because they fear how their partner might react if they ask for some distance. This might become a source to many problems in a relationship, but these healthy boundaries help.

3. Communication - Communication is important. Not just about how your day was or discussion about where your next trip is going to be. In a relationship, there should be conversation about deep and inner thoughts & feelings. You can't expect your partner to figure out how jealous or depressed you are without actually talking about it.

4. Patience - Patience is a rare thing to see in people these days, especially in relationships. Because it has become so easy to find someone new, if the old one doesn't feel interesting anymore. No relationship will ever be perfect, even with the perfect person. You must be patient and fix what is broken, together.

5. Codependency - Being dependent on a partner can drain your partner as well as you. Unlike dependency, it does not drain or stresses out anyone. It is all about knowing each other's wants and needs and fulfilling them without any compulsion.

Relationships can still last long but you have to put in the work.

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