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Why Being Mad Is Foolish?

By: Sumeet Manohare @accidental_blogger

I think the silliest thing humans do is being mad at each other. Especially being mad at the people we love and are close to the most. So, why is it silly? We all have been mad at people for multiple reasons. If we look closely what happened when we were mad at someone is we are the ones who got more hurt. Yes, we hurt ourselves by being mad at others. Actually when we are mad at someone, we affect ourselves more than the other. Let's go back to that time when you were mad at someone. That person did something you didn't want or expect from them, so you yelled and then stopped talking. Now, ask yourself how did you feel during that period of being angry or disappointed at someone. I am sure your answer would be a negative feeling. You felt anger, hurt, betrayed and still craved that person. You wanted them to come to you and apologize or make things better. But you, yourself didn't put in any effort. And what happened in result? You ruined your own life (not completely). Because when you're mad at someone, all of your energy is spent in overthinking or doubting yourself or hating someone. This affected so many areas of life. Like your everyday routine, work, communication with other people, mental state and so many other things can get affected badly. Even though this doesn't last long, you must be careful on where you are spending your energy and time in such situation. Short answer for why being mad at someone is stupid - The one who we gets mad suffers more. Instead of being mad or stopping the contact you can do two things to solve your issue 1. If the problem is about something which can be changed or improved by other person then TALK IT OUT.

2. If the problem is something you can't change then accept it and don't be foolish by being mad at others.


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