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Why Moving on is so Hard?".

Written By: Sumeet Manohare @accident_blogger

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Why moving on is hard for you ?

For me?

For all of us ?

Why? Because we make so many mistakes while we are with them. When things are going right, we forget to look at the ones that are going wrong. Let me take you to the time when things with you & your closed one were just amazing. When you two (or just you) couldn't think of going a day without talking to them.


Okay, cool. Stop there.

Now look at your life at that point and compare it with before meeting that person. Here I'm talking about your priorities, routine, habits and stuff that you used have for yourself.

I know most of these changed. You changed your own priorities and you didn't even realize it.

You meet someone, you both like similar movies, you share your favourite books with each other, comment on old pictures. And guess what? You're attached. And then you let your world revolve around this person. You forget about the goals that you set for yourself a week ago and break the promises you made to yourself. And this is what hits when the same person leaves.

You no longer have someone to live for. No, you weren't living for them literally, but as most of your choices in life were somehow related to that person. So when you are trying to move on, you just can't see your own future. You don't know whom to live for anymore. It really gets hard to start off all over again & get back to what you were used to be.

To avoid this, we must place our own priorities at the top of anything else. We must make sure to not let other person to take control of our life (Directly or indirectly). Not because we are going to lose them, because we don't want to lose ourselves.

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