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Why People Cheat In Relationships

Written by: Sumeet Manohare @accidental_blogger

The short answer, because it's easy. And the long one goes like: It's easier to cheat and jump to a new person than working out the issue in the current relationship. It's scary to look at the ugly side of a relationship and scarier to work on them. Many couples avoid talking about what is going wrong in their relationship. They keep tolerating things which are making them feel unhappy and uncomfortable. Yet they suppress their true feelings and make things worse for themselves. Another reason is people don't have patience anymore. No one wants to wait to achieve anything. We all are looking for a quick fix for every problem that we have in our life. Having access to so many options in terms of material things or people, has made people lose their patience. This is exactly what is happening in relationships (Including friendships). When things don't work out with a person, people look for options immediately. Instead of finding or even trying to work out the unresolved issues, people find it easier to break bonds and move on. Why? Because it's easy. No one wants to accept the dark side of life. Most people have an idealized version for everything like a perfect partner, a perfect friend, a perfect family, etc. But, in reality when things start looking ugly, they can't accept it. They want to run away from reality to continue living in a fantasized world. This is why so many people cheat in relationships. They lack patience and find it impossible to let go of their idealized versions of relationships or people. Writers info:


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