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Why Self Love Is Important In Relationships

Written By: Sumeet Manohare @accidental_blogger

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What is the most important thing in any Relationship?

You might say "Love". That means loving each other to the fullest or being there for a partner, taking care of him/her. But no, self love is the most important thing in a relationship.


Without self love you'll be dependent on your partner, because there's a lack of love inside you. If you have never appreciated yourself, accepted yourself or even respected yourself, how can you expect others to do it. Even if you are in a relationship with the most loving person, he/she can't love you every single day. That person can't be there all the time to give you all that you need. In such a relationship, you'll never be satisfied with your partner. As he/she can't fulfill each and every expectation of you. Also, this can make your partner feel uncomfortable with you, as you are always expecting more.

Before getting into a relationship, you need to start loving yourself. How to do that?

Be honest with yourself. Identify your strengths, weaknesses, behavior patterns, insecurities, fears, etc. Once you know yourself, you'll understand what you need to improve on. Be it your toxic behavior, insecurities or fears. As you start this journey of self discovery, you'll start to love yourself. You'll no longer need any person to love you or to make you feel special. Not even your partner.

Yes, relationships are important in life and they are all about love, care, affection and respect for each other, but without self love even most perfect relationships can turn toxic.

Start loving yourself right now ! Don't wait for someone special to enter your life. Be that special one for yourself and feel the beauty of love.

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