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POWER MOVES: Michelle Taylor Willis

By: Kashanda Henry @kashandacharisma

We’ve all heard “Confidence is the key” at least once in our lives, but how many people know the true meaning of it. Michelle Taylor Willis is the walking definition of “confidence is the key”. She has received many accolades, such as the “Top 25 Most Powerful Women in Atlanta,” “Top 25 Most Extraordinary Atlantans”, and she has received numerous Outstanding Business/Businessperson of the Year awards by various organizations. In addition, Michelle has also made several “Top 100” lists in the greater Atlanta area. She has even trademarked the term Sofu, which represents the eight cities of South Fulton County in Atlanta. The term was created solely with an effort to re-energize the predominantly Black sector.

MUA: Angelo Marquez, Fashion: Belasse Collection, Photographer: Quadir of In The City Magazine, Hair: Karen Owens of Dolce Hair Designs

Michelle is an award-winning entrepreneur, author, speaker, and master strategist. She is the founder of Gagnant Media, which is a boutique media agency that specializes in providing advertising for small businesses. It has been established for six years.

The wife and mother of 4, originally a Florida native, recently just launched her first book, “Raising Significance: A Guide to Well-Rounded, Independent, and Confident Kids.” In the book, she gives new key core elements for more effective parenting.

Michelle continues to stay booked and busy being the host of her own show, “According to Michelle'', which is a television show that has surpassed one million views. The show can be viewed weekly on The AIB Network. A radio version of the show is broadcasted weekly through

Being even more phenomenal than she already is, Michelle is also the founder of the Moms’ All In Conference. Michelle is a business coach for moms and entrepreneurs, in which she enlightens women on how to build businesses with confidence and also teaches the very important lesson of not exhausting oneself.

Michelle Taylor Willis has proven herself nothing short of a valuable person, in every aspect of life. She is a woman of great talents and an inspiration to many. She is passionate about empowering others to embrace their true purpose. Michelle is a huge advocate of everything starting with confidence. One gem from Michelle that everyone can relate to is “ No one does what you do, better than you”.

Follow Michelle on Instagram @michelletaylorwillis

You can view Michelle's interview with Cheylaina Fultz on The Cheylaina Fultz Talk Show by clicking the link below or going to IG: @cheylainaflutz.


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