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Writer’s Lifestyle Close-up, Fantasy & Reality

Written by: Priyanka Gaud @_resonance_of_mind

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¨Writing is the best way to talk without being interrupted¨ says Jules Renard.


In today’s life quests most people are getting attracted to writer’s way of living life. Usually when we think of a writer we imagine that he would be spending his life sitting in a couch sipping coffee while reading books & surrounded by the bookshelves filled with books of different genres. And this thought extends further, those writer’s always signs up on their new published books at some event, also remains busy with fans clicking pictures. I’m pretty sure that at some point you have been seduced by the romanticising life of a writer.

Tell me this, what is it about writing that attracts you?

Beyond this fantasized imagination. Could it be like me, you love to express yourself through words & you find your own comfort in it? If this is the real thing then you should move ahead in making it a career option.

As the reality differs from fantasy, I would like to tell you how.

Photo credit from Pinterest


Moving on to writer’s & writing, both are like any other profession & activity, this also involves effort to become an existential one. No matter what your writing goals are, the reality is that writing is a work. Hard work. It maybe not physically demanding, but it is mentally demanding. It takes a lot of energy to get those words out on paper or screen. Tha fantasy is that writing is an easy & quick way to make lots of money. Even if you achieve great heights & live a rockstar (luxurious) lifestyle, it will be you put effort in the work. There isn’t any shortcut or course you can take, that will enable you to bypass the hundreds of hours you spend actually writing. At times, these are hours you will spend alone. Like any worthwhile endeavour, writing takes time energy & a certain amount of sacrifice. Plus, the more you do it, the better you get.

Here’s a genuine thing, every writer has to be a reader first because a reader is someone who lives a hundred lives in one birth. Reading is a source of everything; it’s an aid to educate you,us, everyone.

Keep reading, writing & growing.


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