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You Have To Love a Bad One, Once or Twice…

By: Jamya Canty @anurbangirlblogs

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

I once heard the quote that said “you got to love the wrong one, once or twice before you can love the right one” and as backwards as that sounds I believe it to be true. Listen, relationships are rough and dealing with another person’s emotions and feelings is deep, especially if you are dealing with someone who is wrong for you. There is nothing anyone can do to save a bad relationship that is simply not meant to be. Trust me when I tell you, if it is forced don’t fight. People who are genuine and love hard usually attract the opposite, and loving someone who doesn’t want to love you back is a losing battle I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. However, I truly believe the strength of love is tested in the face of manipulation, hate, distrust, infidelity, hurt, and heartbreak. Those “bad” relationships buffer you up for something wonderful and effortless. Sort of like the fall before the win. It is needed to recognize the beauty in a new beginning.


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