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Young Thug Responds to Backlash from Comments About Jay-Z, "I Was Talking too Fast"

Written by: Briana Wright @misswrighttv

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Over the weekend, Young Thug has been trending because of comments he made about rap legend Jay-Z. While it seems unlikely that Thug's comments were made with ill will, he's made it clear that coming for Hov was NOT his intent.

In the most recent episode of the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast hosted by Philly's very own Gillie Da Kid and Wallo 267, the Atlanta rapper spoke about having some 30 stadium hits in which the whole stadium would know all of the words.

He went on to say how not too many other artists can do that...

"Like, when I perform, I got like 30, 40 songs that the whole stadium gone know. They gone know these muthaf*ckas. All 30 songs. Jay-Z ain't got 30 songs like that...the whole stadium finna sing," said Thug.

He quickly began to take it back saying, "I know he do, he probably got like 50 of them b*tches ...not just literally saying him but n*ggas who you thinking..." but the internet didn't care.

After the conversation continued to trend, Thug took to his IG story to defend himself.

While this comment was what made the episode trend, there were other interesting topics discussed. For example, the gentlemen talked about who would be a good match for a Verzuz battle with Thug and he suggested Lil Wayne.

He also mentioned that Tunechi rubbed him the wrong way the first 2 times they met but was one of his biggest influences; so much so that Thug has his name tatted. They also touched on Drake's level of success and how it could be the highest capable of a hip-hop artist, among other things.

Check out the full episode of Million Dollaz Worth a Game, here.


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