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YV Media Interview with Actress Dior Goodjohn

CREDIT: Sarah Krick Photography

How are you and your character Robyn Rook similar and different?

I like to think me and Robyn are polar opposites but in actuality, we’re kind of the same person, haha. Both of us tend to mother our friend groups and be kind of the wrangler therapist type. We’re both extremely passionate about the things we do and wanna pursue. If there’s something that we want or feel that we must accomplish, we go after it and do everything in our power to make sure we achieve our goal, no questions asked. Both of us tend to put up walls and have this initial persona locked and loaded for when we meet new people, and it takes time for it to come down. But if we’re surrounded by people we trust and love we're fun and easy-going. One way we’re different is that Robyn is extremely blunt about almost everything. I tend to add 1 million extra words to a sentence that could’ve been three. Another thing, I’m a busy body. I always have to be either doing something, learning something, or finding a new thing to be passionate about for the next three weeks, whereas I feel like Robyn is more secure and set in her ways. When it comes to life, I feel like she has it pretty figured out for a 15-year-old.

Have you seen the original “Head of the Class”?

I’ve never watched the entirety of the original “Head of the Class.” However, as I got deeper into the auditioning process, I told my dad about it and he says “You mean that one show that Robin Givens was in???” I mean, I had never watched the show so I had no idea, so at that point, we sat down and watched some of the pilots together.

What’s it like being part of a highly anticipated reboot?

I think it’s an honor and a blessing. For me to be able to work with and learn from such legendary and talented people my first time around as a series regular, is wild and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

CREDIT: Sarah Krick Photography

What are your hobbies/interests outside of acting?

One of my favorite things to do outside of acting is singing. I’ve been singing all of my life, like everywhere. I got to the point where my mom had to be like “hey you can’t sing here” hahahaha. As I got older, I’ve cultivated that talent of mine, and around eight or nine I had gotten into songwriting. I’ve been writing my own stuff since then. Right now I’m zoned in on the acting portion of my life. So, I’d definitely be willing to write and sell some songs to other people, collaborate with other writers, and maybe learn how to produce while I’m at it. But I’m hoping to have an album of my own out by the time I’m 18.

What are you looking forward to the most next in your career? Any dream roles?

My whole life I’ve had this “work hard, play hard” thing going on in my head. So I never really had one role in my mind that I was like “OK I have to do this." I was always the “why don’t I just do it all” kind of person. However, if I could be afforded the chance to work with Viola Davis at some point in my career, I would be completely and utterly satisfied with my entire existence. I mean, even if I’m not acting with her, if I could just get a glimpse of how she operates, studies, and embodies a character I would be forever grateful.

Anything else you would like to add?

One thing I’d like people to know is that I’m beyond grateful and excited to be starting the second phase of this journey with such a bang. And I hope that everyone watching will be able to grow and change with me as the years go on.

Find Dior Goodjohn on Instagram @dior.n.goodjohn.


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