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YVMag’s former cover girl, Jai Emm says “Being genuine makes you cool. Because why not?”

Who is Jai Emm?

Jai Emm is Janelle Mitchell. I sing, I write songs, I do whatever I want. I’ll do anything like once especially, if I am paid to do it. Acting, modeling, throwing an event, bartending, wine tastings, building a set, tutoring, workshops, whatever moves me at the time.

Tell me about ‘Wild Seed’, your single off of your upcoming project “Laissez faire”.

Jai Emm: Wild seed is based around a book by Octavia Butler ‘Wild Seed’ about 2 immortals Doro and Anyanwu. I wrote wild seed from the 'perspective' of Anyanwu. They have never been around anyone like them and don’t understand how to interact. My narcissistic ass is a super being and so is Knice {my partner}. {Both being super beings} We have to navigate our intelligence and ego whilst supporting each other. And collaborate to make greatness. Support Black authors!

Photo by Damany Campbell

What does the right to express yourself freely mean to you?

Jai Emm: If I’m not expressing myself, I’m not me. I cannot be silenced or swayed. What I want is what my path will be. The few times I tried being disingenuous, it looks and feels stupid. Once you figure out how to be you, it is great!

How does Laissez faire achieve the goal of expressing yourself freely?

Jai Emm: Laissez faire as a concept is ‘let it be’. The policy came from the French revolution, the government and people in charge didn’t have their best interest at heart. This is what’s happening in the music industry, within the last 10 years and accelerating in last 5. I’ve been doing music since 2005. They’ve always tried getting me out of doing what is important to me. Laissez faire was going to be done MY WAY. Laissez faire is not a “lit” project, it’s not empty. You have to listen to it. People thought I was confused about what and who I am. Laissez faire is all of who I am, connecting on different levels. Manifesting thoughts on how I feel about my own personal freedom.

RahAKA: We love a multifaceted Queen! Your words are powerful, I want us all to tap into our inner super being and release the Greatness!


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