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3 Signs Of A Healthy Relationship

Written by: Sumeet Manohare @accidental_blogger

Just like our body, relationships should be healthy as well. A healthy body is achieved by eating healthy, regular exercise and peaceful sleep. Similarly, healthy relationships also need lots of love, care and efforts. Here are 3 signs of a healthy relationship:

1. You Both Listen To Each Other One of the most important things for maintaining a healthy relationship is listening to your partner. Don't jump to conclusions based on your own feelings and opinions, you honestly need to listen to what your partner has to say. Try not to force your partner to feel the same way as you do and don't continue to blame your partner without listening to the truth.

2. You Talk, Not Fight Generally when things get messy in a relationship, people end up fighting with each other. Sometimes these fights can really harm your relationship. But in a healthy relationship, try to understand the real issues and talk them through instead of fighting. Because you know anger always worsens the situation and can break bonds too. So, be patient, talk about how you feel without blaming and listen carefully to your partner.

3. You Both Have A Life Outside Relationship Most relationships in younger age can distract you from your own life. People who are at an immature age sometimes give too much importance to one person and one relationship and ignore every other important thing in their lives. But mature ones understand that relationships are a part of their life & not their whole life. They clearly set priorities and boundaries to maintain a healthy relationship without ignoring other areas of life. If you are in a relationship where you see signs opposite to the topics mentioned above, then you may be in a toxic relationship. You must try to talk it out with your partner and if he/she isn't ready do that, consider leaving.

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