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How to be a Good Listener to Your Partner

By: Sumeet Manohare @accidental_blogger

We all have heard and read about importance of listening or being a good listener in communication, especially in relationships, listening to a partner with emapthy is something we all often hear from others. Still many fail to be a good listener, why? Most of the times when someone wants to be heard she/he isn't looking for answers or advice from listener. The purpose is to share what is going on their mind and not to find solutions, but often the one who is a bad listener tries to provide solutions to what their partner is talking about. Because he/she thinks that is what asked from his/her partner. When the partner complains "You never listen to me" they get furious, they try to prove they listened by talking about the details of the conversation. So what went wrong ? Listening to someone isn't remembering every small detail about what they said or giving them advice on what sounds like a problem. A good listener never interrupts, he/she pays attention to what other has to say, but never tries to give any personal advice unless it is asked. They listen with empathy, kindness and makes the other person feel loved with subtle gestures. They give his/her partner a reassurance of being there and providing support whene'er it is needed. So, next time when your partner wants to talk with you about something, listen to them like a good listener. The one which is mentioned above and not the one who is in your mind for so long.


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