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Ms. Monique, Founder Of Everything Dipped Is Taking Chocolate To The Next Level

Courtesy of Everything Dipped

Sprouting in the Los Angeles area, circa 2018, is a delectable virtual shop of sweets and salty food items dipped in an array of chocolate sauces. The name of this shop is Everything Dipped and the face behind the brand is the talented Ms. Monique. Everything Dipped is where the local Los Angeleno can either have their chocolate-covered delights catered or choose from their selection of delicious goods. The owner, Ms. Monique, also welcomes special requests by patrons of her establishment. From fruit to pretzels and even cheesecake, Everything Dipped is the service to request.

Ms. Monique started her business when she bore witness to the surge in prices of specialty goods. Her son’s first birthday was approaching, and she was on the hunt for goodies. After she was unable to find anything that met her budget, she set out to create an empire of her own. Ms. Monique found inspiration for the shop’s name when she was speaking with a family member and explaining that she didn’t want to go to several places for goods. The name ‘Everything Dipped’ immediately came to her and from there, her online store was born.

The dessert shop owner lists her inner creativity as the main inspiration behind Everything Dipped. She sees a tasty good and wonders to herself how it can be manipulated into something even more scrumptious. Her motivation is also due to the customer service and repeat business she is keen on providing. The businesswoman has stretched her menu to include others with more particular diets such as those who are sugar-free, gluten-free, and vegan.

Ms. Monique would eventually love a brick-and-mortar storefront for her beloved business. She dreams of placing a key into a door and setting up the tables for her own café. She would also love to use that space as an educational center for kids who wish to follow in her footsteps. Her passion is to eventually show kids, including her son, that dreams do come true.

Ms. Monique and Everything Dipped can both be followed on Instagram @everything_dipped8212.

Courtesy of Everything Dipped


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